Episode 01 – What the Heck is Transmedia Storytelling?

Transmedia Storytelling: Cross-platform and Cross-media

Transmedia storytelling sounds like a really foreign concept until you start to break it down. Basically it’s any form of storytelling that crosses platforms to build a narrative (thus synonyms like “cross-platform media” or “cross-medium storytelling”). The fan art and experience that has grown up around Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter are great examples of fans reaching out to claim hold of their experience within whichever narrative captivates them to make it their own.

This turns it into a story born of their own imagination, one fans might enjoy alone or into which they could draw multitudes. Through role playing, art, music, video production and more, a story can spill into every avenue of life – the way it used to be long before mass-media dominated our entertainment landscape.

From the original content creator’s viewpoint, transmedia is a way of bringing a story to life for readers through various mediums. Whether that’s using multiple online platforms or moving into the physical space, a transmedia story is enhanced as it is consumed in more and more ways.

Tonight’s guests are a combination of creators, thinkers, and an IP lawyer. Yes – we have legal counsel on site.

Our Guests

They tried to run, but weren’t fast enough
Darin Ross

Darin Ross

Creator: Find the Starlight

Darin Ross is the creator of the hit party game Superfight, and creator of the conceptual art storytelling project Find the Starlight. He is a writer, an illustrator, a humorist, and a single father. He writes about parenting, the creative process, and poorly-made burritos. He has been a SXSW panelist, was named one of American Genius’s “Fifty Most Influential People of 2014”, and was a silver medalist in the 4th-grade parking lot footrace against Billy Thompson who is a stupid cheater.

Nimit Malaiva

Nimit Malaiva

Illustrator: Into the Nanten

Nimit Malavia is an award-winning Illustrator from Ottawa, Canada.

He has produced work for clients including DC Comics, Shopify, Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing, the National Post and 20th Century Fox.

Along with his commercial work, he has also been exhibited in galleries across North America and Europe, including Hashimoto Contemporary, Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art Gallery, Bold Hype Gallery, Thinkspace Gallery, Art Basel (Miami), LeBasse Projects, London Miles Gallery, and Show & Tell Gallery.

Heidi Tandy

Heidi Tandy

IP Lawyer

Heidi (aka Heidi8) has practiced internet, media, and intellectual property law for 20 years, with a focus on follow-on works, social media policy development/management, community management, fair use and fan-supportive policies, reputation control and licenses. She is currently an attorney with the law firm Price Benowitz. Heidi has represented authors, websites, and literacy, writing, and education-focused nonprofits. She serves on the lawyers’ committee for the Organization for Transformative Works, founded fyeahcopyright.tumblr.com, and was a founder of the longstanding Harry Potter fanworks collective, FictionAlley.org.

She has been quoted in TIME Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Daily Dot.

Find her on her blog or at about.me/heidi8

Jay Swanson

Jay Swanson

Host - Creator: Into the Nanten

Jay is the creator of Into the Nanten, the world’s first real-time fantasy blog, and is the host of Creative Mines. He has written and published five books within the same world and body of work entitled “Oracle of the Dread Gods.”

Find out more about him at jayswanson.me

Jay’s new book: Shadows of the Highridge

What do you think?

As a creator, how do you build a transmedia project of your own? What mediums get you the most excited? If you have any great examples of transmedia projects you love, or have any questions about all of this, please leave a comment below!

Heidi has also agreed to stick around and answer your questions surrounding the legality of fair use and everything going on around the legal madness happening right now with copyright. You can tweet her at @travelingheidi or leave a comment below here.

We hope you’ll join us next month as we dive deep into how we approach all of this with Into the Nanten. See you on November 11!

Coming Soon

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Episode 00 – Brainstorming the Path Ahead

Episode 00 – Brainstorming the Path Ahead

Episode 00 was off to a cold start with some late arrivals. Some of our best stuff happened after we went off the air, which led to one of the main lessons from the night: 45min to 1hr of warmup time for future episodes.

There’s a lot to chew through here in Episode 00, but in the end I think we’re going to start by talking about how we do Into the Nanten for the first few episodes. Nimit and Dennis literally said they want to grill me. That also gives us time to find our voice and prepare for the rest of the episodes, as well as invite more people to join us and get our guest spots filled in advance.

It’s only going to get better from here. Stay tuned!


Creative Mines Podcast – The Concept

Creative Mines Podcast – The Concept

Thanks largely to Into the Nanten, I’ve found myself being asked a lot of questions by a variety of people who want to know how I do a lot of what I do. Whether it’s produce high-quality paperbacks, discover talent, work conventions, or just get down to writing – I’m getting more emails every day.

Into the Nanten has also led me to work more closely and regularly with a number of professionals, my “staff” as it were. Together we have a breadth of experience to share, and even more contacts to draw into the conversation.

So here’s the idea, and what we’ll be brainstorming tonight on Creative Mines Podcast – Episode 00: I want to create a regular resource for creators at large, one that goes deeper than standard questions, and one that promotes the idea of growing the community instead of driving it to compete with itself.


So much of what it takes to succeed as a creator is knowledge. I want to draw people in who have lots of experience producing art, music, books, and more – all so they can help teach the rest of us how they do it. Beyond pragmatic guides for creation, I want to ask them how they balance their work and their life. How do they stay healthy? How do they keep on creating? We’ll compile all of this over time into what I hope will be a helpful and inspiring collection.


The interviews we will do on Creative Mines Podcast will be as much to get to know the artists as to learn their methods. So much encouragement can be gained by hearing someone’s story, especially when theirs is so similar to yours. We’ll talk about what we’re seeing in the world around us, but I want to talk about what drives us and where we’ve come from as well.

Growing the Community

We aren’t in this to compete, but to encourage and grow. I’ll touch on this repeatedly, I’m sure, but one of the most important concepts to recognize going into this is that the only zero-sum game is time. Otherwise there is plenty of room for growing our respective industries, building wealth, and finding more opportunities for more people to pursue their dreams of creating wonderful art.

We Need You

Are you a creator? Perhaps you’re just fascinated with the creative process. We’d love to hear your questions; feel free to suggest ideas for topics you’d like to hear covered on the Creative Mines Podcast. You can do so in the comments of these blog posts for now and I’ll provide more methods soon.

I’m really excited to host this new venture, and I hope that you’ll come along and make it a part of your own process. Until then, keep digging!