Transmedia Storytelling: Into the Nanten

The art of Into the Nanten spans a number of disciplines – it’s what inspired us to start talking more about all of this. Two weeks ago we dove into Transmedia Storytelling to figure out what exactly it was. Tonight we discuss our own approach in Into the Nanten.

More than just a story told on a blog, Into the Nanten is geared to be an immersive experience across mediums – social media, visual art, narration/podcasting, and various physical forms. Tonight we’ll be discussing how we create the art that fills those mediums, and what our goals are as we do.

Next time, on 11/25/15, we’ll get deeper into the mechanics and business side of running the world’s first real-time fantasy blog.

Our Guests

They tried to run, but weren’t fast enough
Nimit Malaiva

Nimit Malaiva

Illustrator: Into the Nanten

Nimit Malavia is an award-winning Illustrator from Ottawa, Canada.

He has produced work for clients including DC Comics, Shopify, Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing, the National Post and 20th Century Fox.

Along with his commercial work, he has also been exhibited in galleries across North America and Europe, including Hashimoto Contemporary, Gallery Nucleus, Spoke Art Gallery, Bold Hype Gallery, Thinkspace Gallery, Art Basel (Miami), LeBasse Projects, London Miles Gallery, and Show & Tell Gallery.

Jay Swanson

Jay Swanson

Host - Creator: Into the Nanten

Jay is the creator of Into the Nanten, the world’s first real-time fantasy blog, and is the host of Creative Mines. He has written and published five books within the same world and body of work entitled “Oracle of the Dread Gods.”

Find out more about him at

Jay’s new book: Shadows of the Highridge

Dennis Kleinman

Dennis Kleinman

Narrator: Into the Nanten

Dennis possesses a warm, rich international voice that crosses geographical boundaries and is ideal for a wide range of voice over projects featuring various international dialects including non-regional European.

His professionalism, enunciation, fast turnaround and perfection provides seamless integration in the approach and execution each project demands.

What do you think?


What are the challenges you face in your own content creation? Does our approach to Into the Nanten enrich your experience with the story, or does it somehow distract?

Episode 02 – Show Notes


So we didn’t really have as many notes on this one, but examples of characters being consistent or not (you be the judge):

Dionus: Entry 30Entry 37Entry 116 – Entry 183Entry 207 – Entry 242 – Entry 254

Inifra: Entry 4Entry 55 – Entry 62Entry 114 – Entry 242

Lystra: Entry 119Entry 213

Marceles: Entry 1Entry 151Entry 185

The Story Itself:

Into the Nanten

Coming Soon

NOVEMBER – Into the Nanten – Building an Audience

11/11/15 – Episode 02 – The Art – Cross-media storytelling – How to bring different mediums together to tell one story
11/25/15 – Episode 03 – The Business – How do you make money off a free publication?
DECEMBER – Publishing Online – In Real Time and Real Spaces
12/9/15 – Episode 04 – The Art – Managing the workload – Releasing regular content on a daily deadline, with no editor in sight
12/23/15 – Episode 05 – The Business – Building audience and revenue – Sharing into the void and hoping someone finds it. And pays you for it.