Understanding Genre as Both a Literary and Marketing Tool

From World Fantasy 2015 (something we forgot to mention during the podcast itself) – it’s Mike Underwood! There’s probably no one better with whom we could discuss the idea of “genre,” especially considering the release of his new book: The Shootout Solution. It’s the first novella of the Genrenauts series, out now from Tor.com.

Mike is also the North American Rep for Angry Robot Publishing, which makes him a bit of a double-expert. How do we approach genre as a useful tool and not see it as a creative constraint? And then how do we fit our work into the ideas of genre in a useful way – primarily one in which we can sell some dang books.

Our Guest

He tried to run, but wasn’t fast enough
Mike Underwood

Mike Underwood

Author: Genrenauts

Mike is a speculative fiction writer and the North American Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books.

His first novel is an urban fantasy called Geekomancy (published July 2012 by Pocket Star, an imprint of Simon & Schuster). Geekomancy was inspired by stories like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clerks, the Dresden Files, and The Middleman, as well as Mike’s experiences growing up geek. The series continues with Celebromancy, Attack the Geek, and Hexomancy.

Other books by Mike Underwood:

Shield and Crocus: An action-packed mash-up of weird fantasy and superheroes

The Younger Gods: A supernatural thriller starring the one moral son in a family of sociopathic apocalypse cultists.

Genrenauts: The Shootout Solution It’s the one we talked about today and is available now!

Check out his website at michaelrunderwood.com

Jay Swanson

Jay Swanson

Host - Creator: Into the Nanten

Jay is the creator of Into the Nanten, the world’s first real-time fantasy blog, and is the host of Creative Mines. He has written and published five books within the same world and body of work entitled “Oracle of the Dread Gods.”

Find out more about him at jayswanson.me

Jay’s new book: Shadows of the Highridge

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